Payments are due on the first of the month.  CMI encourages users to schedule their payments on the due date.  To avoid late fees, please be aware of your association’s late fee policy and schedule your payment to be effective prior to the end of the grace period your association provides.

  • E-Check Payments made by 6pm PST will be applied to your account the following business day.  A business day does not include weekends or holidays.
  • Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card payments made by 11:30 PM PST will be applied to your account one business day following the scheduled payment date.

We caution customers when scheduling a payment at the very end of the association’s grace period.  It is difficult to anticipate weekends and holidays.  Scheduling a payment at the end of the grace period can cause the payment to be late.

For example, say your fees are due on the 1st and late after the 30th.

  • You schedule your credit card payment for the 29th (which is 29 days after the due date).
  • Your association receives that payment one business day following the scheduled payment date.
  • In July 2014, one business day after the 29th is Wednesday, July 30th.  The July payment is received on the 30th and there is no late fee for July.

However, in August 2014, one business day after the 29th is Tuesday, September 2nd (because of the weekend and the following Monday is a holiday).  The customer receives a late fee for the August payment.