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The Mosaic Homeowners Association hired CMI in 2005.  CMI was chosen to replace a management company that was considerably cheaper.  The owners were hesitant at first to make the switch, but quickly cam to appreciate the improved service.  I was initially a regular meeting goer and I have been directly involved with CMI for this past year as an elected member of the Board.

The Homeowners Association board re-evaluates the contract annually, looking at rates for similar services, interviewing other companies, and seeking feedback from owners about their interactions and satisfaction with CMI.  The last contract extension took place about a year or so ago.

CMI’s greatest strengths are experience and strong communication.  There is no substitute for years of interaction with homeowners. CMI’s expertise ensures quality maintenance and very competitive prices; and provides guidance that allows us to get insurance, safety related services/construction; excellent repairs and other services as needed with good results.  The Mosaic, perhaps even more than most buildings, has a wide range of owner profiles in terms of investment goals, income, and experience with condominium ownership. A challenging construction-defect lawsuit (one of the largest in county history) surface within the first two years after the building was handed over to owners, creating an unusual need for cooperation in fractious circumstances.  The information communicated by CMI on a range of related issues was sensitive and often complicated. Without the cognet letters and explanations of Denise Bower and her CMI staff, we would have been unable to weather this difficult period. For all its challenges, the lawsuit and related suits have been resolved satisfactorily – CMI deserves much of the credit for this.

The other strength is CMI’s flexibility.  The Mosaic homeowners have needed different assistance as time has gone on.  At first, quality maintenance on a new and unique building (eco roof, mixed use space) was the major need.  The lawsuit brought in other concerns (communication with lawyers, vendor interactions, owner disagreements over game plans).  Now, with the changed economic circumstances of some owners, CMI is helping the HOA Board anticipate new needs.

As BOTH an owner and HOA Board member, I remain grateful and appreciative of CMI’s professionalism.