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Denise helped advise us when we were having building issues, and then further advised us on how to select a lawyer to pursue our litigation. She was spot on, and I cringe to think what we might have done without her guidance. The short story is that we are likely to get a multi-million dollar settlement from our litigation which should result in complete restoration of our buildings. Without Denise’s guidance, we might well have settled for an informal agreement with our developer, which would not have resulted in complete repairs.  This was a close call, and we made the right decision completely due to Denise’s guidance.

Our gates malfunction with some regularity.  Denise has worked with our Board and the maintenance company to try to reduce the number of service calls, thereby saving us money.

Because of our litigation, we have people walking through the development with some regularity looking at various building aspects.  We are required to post such visits at least three days in advance. Denise and the CMI crew always prepare the posting for us, and make sure one of us Board members is available to post as needed.

Denise/CMI prepares a draft budget for us every year.  That may not sound significant, but our treasurer is an accountant, and she’s delighted with what CMI does.  I think that’s a pretty high recommendation.

My background is project management.  As such, I have a pretty high standard of what I expect someone to do as a manager.  Denise and CMI consistently meet or exceed my expectations. From me, that is very high praise.

I know that if you select them, you will be delighted with the service you receive.