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As Chairman of the Pearl Lofts Condominiums HOA, it is my pleasure to write a few words regarding the recent appointment of Brad Finson as our management representative from CMI. Even though our relationship is fairly recent, Brad has jumped in with both feet. He has done so during an unusually challenging set of circumstances for our HOA. He has been very diligent in researching and informing us on how to handle some difficult property loss issues. Brad also came on board just as our HOA needed to review and renew some important maintenance contracts. He gathered the information and proposals in a timely and informative manner which allowed the Board to make a quick and easy decision. I can also say that when Brad attended our recent HOA Board meeting, the other members of the Board, as well as homeowners in attendance, thanked Brad for his energy, professionalism and effective assistance.

It’s interesting that I received letter the day after this meeting from another property management company and it was great that I didn’t have to spend any time or thought in considering their services. We are definitely satisfied customers and look forward to working with Brad in the future.