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“You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

This has been part of CMI’s Community Outreach Spirit for several years and what was true in 1972 is even more meaningful as each year passes.

Communities are built by sharing experiences and exchanging news. We reach out beyond our walls to connect with your community and get involved. Whether our associates have volunteered at a charity fund raising event, attended an association trade show, or have news that affects your community, you’ll find it here.


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Model Code Ethics Board Members

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CA Governance Guidelines

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Rights Responsibilities

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CA Fundamentals


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Financials 101 By Carra Pewsey, CCM, CMCA, PCAM

Join CMI’s Director of Training, Carra Pewsey, as she takes you through the financial process for HOA’s. In this training you will learn how to digest a financial statement, how …

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North Star: The one question every board member should be asking

Homeowners associations are representative democracies where powers are delegated to elected officials (the board of directors) and limited powers are reserved to the membership. In this governing model, the answer …

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A Board Leadership Development Workshop

The Board Leadership Development Workshop Preview from Community Associations Institute on Vimeo.   This video from Community Associations Institute is a fantastic resource and shows how you can learn more …

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Being on the Board of a Community Association

Foundation – Board Service Video from Community Associations Institute on Vimeo.   This fantastic video from Community Associations Institute gives great insight on being a part of the board of …