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The CMI 9th annual food drive brought another record of total pounds of donated food for the Sunshine Division. As part of the Portland Police Department, the Sunshine Division provides families in need with a grocery store-like experience for year-round support, and during the holidays packs and delivers holiday dinners to families in Portland.

Below is a video, walking you through our day. We raised around 30,000 pounds of food, (almost 15 tons). It was a wonderful success, and we were all so excited to partake in such a wonderful event.

Video of The Event


Highlights of the Event

CMI Sunshine Division Food Food Layout
CMI Sunshine Division - Santa Santa Clause Visited
CMI partnership with Sunshine Division to raise funds Krispy Kreme Donuts
Sunshine Division Community Event - Raised 30,000 lbs of food Santa’s Sleight!

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