Disclosure of 2014 Gifts


  • Community Management, Inc. (CMI) AAMC received an estimated value of $530.99 in gift baskets, cookies, and other tokens of appreciation from our clients and vendors during 2014. 


  • The value was doubled, 1061.98, was divided by three and $354 was donated to each of the following charities:



Pursuant to CMI’s Conflict of Interest Policy (which can be found in-full here:  http://www.communitymgt.com/index.cfm/company/conflict-of-interest-policy/), we ask vendors and clients please donate to the charity of their choice or donating food to the Sunshine Division Food Drive CMI hosts every December instead of sharing tokens of appreciation with CMI. 


While we believe the below a comprehensive list of those contractors and clients who showed their appreciation to CMI in 2014, if we have missed the name of the company or someone who added to the donation above, please let us know..  



Vendor Name

Value of Gift





Paul Davis Restoration


Tualatin Village Board


P. Wickerd


Ron McKnight


Met Owner


Oswego Pointe Village Chair


Mutual of Omaha


Northwest Landscape


TruGreen Landcare


Coastwide Laboratories


Spike Builders


BOD Treasurer


Ichthys Engineering


UPC Board of Directors